We offer professional IT Consulting, Support and Hosting Services.
Remote IT Support Services Remote IT Support Services
Our remote IT support services will have your computer systems, servers and network running fast stable and secure no matter where you’re located worldwide!
Web Hosting Products & Services Web Hosting Products & Services
We offer a variety of web products and services from domain names, high speed web servers, website installation,  malware removal services and much more.


All of our services have been custom tailored to ensure that your home and business maintain the highest levels or Performance, Reliability and Security.
Performance Optimization
It always seems our systems ran their best the first day we turned them on.  Has your laptop, desktop or server seem to be much slower lately?  Our performance optimization services find and fix the various areas that drag down peak performance.
Diagnostics & Repair
Are you getting the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” or other error messages and issues? Our certified technicians can guide you over the phone (as long as you have an internet connection) and remotely connect in to your system to diagnose and repair most issues you encounter.
IT Consulting
There are many areas where our technical expertise can assist you or your business.  Our consulting services allows for you to utilize our time handle your unique IT needs.
Security Analysis & Optimization
There are more things at risk then your personal data while being connected in an online world.  These days viruses, hackers and and others with malintent  can cause damage to your files, “ransom” your documents and “steal” your systems resources.   Recover from an incident or regularly check your systems to ensure maximum security.
Home & Business Networks
We can configure and secure new and existing network equipment such as printers, routers, switches, internet modems and many other network connected devices.
Web Services
We may not be able to design a website, but when it comes to the setup, maintenance and security of your website, its server and many other internet-related needs, then look no further then our expert Web services.


Certified Technical Experts
All of our technicians are certified in a variety of industry recognized specialties.  We make sure that your issue is handled by someone with perfect technical and professional experience to exceed your needs.
Security Focused
Many companies think of security as an after-thought or an add on.  We think about security during all phases of any task we’re hired to do to ensure that we perform the task in the most secure way possible.
Reliable & Convenient
Most of our services can be booked at a date and time to fit your schedule and meet your timelines.  No more waiting at home or by the phone for someone to assist when it’s least convenient for you.
Commitment to Service
We are committed to provide the best possible products and services to all our clients and customers. You will be able to speak to an experienced professional who will accurately understand your IT needs. We make it our business to look after yours, with an efficient and friendly team eagerly awaiting to help you.
Recognized Quality
We do not settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to your IT and web support and services. We’ve worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients the reliability, performance and security they need.
Cost Effective
We strive to deliver top-notch IT services that normally reserved for medium to large businesses to homes and small businesses that is both flexible and cost-effective.


X Fakor Technologies has been providing IT services since November of 2012. Here are some small excerpts of our clients raving about our team:
Over the last 5 years of you managing our network, we haven't had ANY of the issues we once had.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith, Microsoft
Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere else again!
Jose Villarisco
Jose Villarisco, Microsoft
I like it when I can give my clients something more without increasing their costs.  Thanks for the value-add!
David Sillaman
David Sillaman, Microsoft
I was close to giving up and buying a new system, but now I think I can hold off for at least a few months now.   You guys are the best!!
Gary Parker
Gary Parker, Microsoft


Do you have questions about our products and services? Reach out to us today and see why our clients love using X Faktor Technologies for all of their IT needs!